QUESTION: “I’m writing a combined thesis with two masters (different CROHO codes). How should I select an O&S supervisor?”

REPLY: During the allocation process regular thesis students will be asked to list their top three thesis topics. Students who write a combined thesis, however, need to write an extended thesis upon approval of both supervisors and the Board of Examiners BEFORE the start of the master thesis. Accordingly, they don’t need to list their preferences, but instead will be asked to briefly describe the thesis topic. Based on the topic description and availabilities the thesis coordinator will assign an O&S supervisor.

QUESTION: “I have completed an internship at company XYZ. The company has asked me to write my Master thesis in cooperation with them. I would like to know whether writing my Master thesis with a company is possible”

REPLY: Your master thesis will be primarily evaluated on academic criteria, such as, analytic rigor and theoretical contribution. Thus, it is necessary to develop sound research questions and hypotheses in agreement with your supervisor. If you can assess these theoretically derived questions in the company of your choice, then the answer to your question is yes. If, however, the arrangement with the company is so that you cannot strongly influence the topic and/or research question, the answer is probably no. In short: The answer depends on the research question you are about to examine. To make it somewhat more concrete: if you intend to investigate the effects of teleworking on employee productivity, and employees at company XYZ don’t have the opportunity to engage in teleworking, you better search for another company – even better: for other companies. More generally, the research methodology (design, sample, etc.) should follow from the research question (and not the other way around). Also keep in mind that your research question should meet the criteria suggested by Colquitt and George (2011): significance, novelty, curiosity, scope, and actionability (see Selecting a Topic).

QUESTION: “I have no topic/supervisor yet. What should I do?”

REPLY: If you are an IB-Organisation, Stragegy and Innovation, or Entrepreneurship student, you will be assigned a supervisor and/or topic as soon as you register for the Thesis Skills.