Data Collection

Once that you have developed a thought-through research model, including at least an independent variable, dependent variable, moderating and/or mediating variable, you are ready to roll. In order to conduct your research, you need to operationalize the variables in your model. Variables can be manipulated (experimented with) or measured (observed). In the field of organizational behavior, variables are usually measured, often by means of self-report questionnaires (scales).  It can be very time-consuming for you to collect the measures and configure the questionnaire. Note that it is generally not recommended to develop your own measures, unless stated otherwise by your supervisor.  The main reason is that newly developed measures need to be extensively tested and refined before they can be used.

We have accumulated a list of scales used in our own research from which you can select the ones you need for your study. Ask your supervisor how you can get access to these scales. Similar efforts have been undertaken by other scholars. Below you find a list of webpages intended to provide rapid access to a wide range of measures. We hope this is helpful to you! Please do not hesitate to send us links to websites that are not yet included in the list.


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